Abdominal Radiology Fellowship

Abraham H. Dachman, MD

Professor of Radiology

Abraham Dachman, MD
Fellowship Program Director

Fellowship Description:

The Abdominal Radiology Fellowship is a one-year comprehensive, structured, ACGME approved fellowship comprising clinical, teaching, and research activity in all aspects of abdominal imaging using all available modalities. There is extensive participation in abdominal MRI (MRI 5 blocks, CT 2 blocks, US 2 blocks, 4 flexible blocks including elective time, MSK and PET-CT. Body biopsies on US block and throughout the year.). The patient population and clinical experience represents both a comprehensive outpatient setting and inpatient tertiary referral center with a high volume of oncology, surgery, gastroenterology, transplantation and emergency referrals. Fellows will learn to perform and interpret 3D CT angiography, virtual colonoscopy, MRI of the prostate and other cutting-edge diagnostic studies. In May 2018, we opened a Level One adult trauma center which increased the fellow’s experience in trauma imaging. Fellows participate in gastrointestinal and genitourinary examinations including video fluoroscopy, dynamic proctography, oropharyngeal motility studies, etc.

The Abdominal Radiology fellowship program is ACGME approved.


The MRI experience includes cutting edge, dedicated liver, pancreas, prostate, adrenal, renal and pelvic imaging plus MR angiography, enterography, cholangiography and MRI guided interventions such as focal laser ablation of prostate cancer and MR guided in bore and MR-ultrasound fusion prostate biopsies, and offers the opportunity to participate in non-abdominal application. The section conducts approximately 325 MRI of the prostate procedures a year.

There are 9 MRI scanners for clinical procedures, including five 1.5T and four 3T magnets with software and hardware for fast imaging sequences, endoluminal imaging, MRA and MRCP. In addition, there are two (1.5 and 3 Tesla) dedicated research MR scanners and a small bore high field strength MR (9.4 Tesla) for specimen and small animal imaging.

State of the art CT, ultrasound, and fluoroscopic equipment is also utilized. CT equipment includes seven scanners, including three 256 scanners, three 64 slice scanners, and one 128 slice scanner, all with iterative does reduction software. A GE dual energy CT scanner was recently installed. The section conducts 75 CT virtual colonoscopy procedures a year.

Ultrasound equipment includes eight high end units including procedural guidance, 3-D, elastography and image fusion software. In addition, ultrasound offers all routine abdominal studies, plus small parts ultrasound, gynecologic ultrasound including endovaginal ultrasound, percutaneous biopsies, prostate biopsies, color and spectral Doppler vascular and transplant studies.


Fellows participate in resident teaching and are encouraged to participate in research. Recent research topics include prostate MR with whole-mount correlation, MR guided HIFU of prostate cancer, MR lymphography and CT colonography.  Initiatives in continuous quality improvement including design review and evaluation of integrated PACS tools for accurate and efficient cancer patient lesion tracking and reporting.

 Application Process:

We will fill two Abdominal Radiology Fellowship positions starting academic year 2023.  Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024) will be accepted starting August 1, 2021.  Please note that, in accordance with SCARD recommendations, no formal interviews will be conducted before November 1, 2021 and interviews will be completed by March 31, 2022.

Applicants must have a valid medical license in Illinois, must have completed a residency in diagnostic radiology, and must be board-certified or board-eligible in diagnostic radiology.  International medical graduates must have completed a residency in diagnostic radiology in their country of origin and have a valid, current radiology board certification from their country of origin. These candidates must be eligible to obtain a license to practice medicine in Illinois and must have a valid Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates certification requiring clearance of U.S. Medical Licensing Examination steps 1, 2 and 3. All applications must be complete (including all letters of recommendation, addressed to Dr. Abraham Dachman) to be considered.

Please scan and email your completed application including required materials and letters of recommendation to Monica Rubio at  

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