Diversity & Inclusion Council


Mission Statement

Strengthening departmental function and effectiveness by empowering a community where diversity, equity, and inclusion are promoted; enabling everyone to feel valued, engaged, and supported.


Overarching Goals:

  • To renew the structure of and further diversify the departmental Diversity Council and its leadership by mid academic year.
  • To enhance our departmental diversity with continuing efforts to recruit and retain a diverse faculty, and by being intentional about diversity and inclusion during the trainee recruitment process in order to increase successful recruitment of underrepresented individuals by 10% in three years.
  • To strengthen the sense of community across the department by organizing a community activity twice a year to which each departmental section, trainee, and staff group will have representative participants, such that everyone feels valued, engaged, and supported.
  • To increase our cultural competency by initiating at least three cultural sharing sessions over the next year, so that all members demonstrate the knowledge and skills to work with diverse people, to educate diverse students, residents and fellows, and to treat diverse patients.


Current Events:






  • Dedicated residency administrative liaison to Diversity Council
  • Resident liaisons to the Diversity Council

The Department of Radiology Graduate Program in Medical Physics Book Club is held quarterly and is open to students and faculty. The book club is supervised by Dr. Kenneth Bader,  head of the GPMP Diversity Committee, and coordinated by graduate students Inna Gertsenshteyn and Brittany Broder. Book club dates are based on group availability and books are ordered for students/faculty who confirm attendance.

Please contact Inna Gertsenshteyn (innag@uchicago.edu) or Brittany Broder (bbroder@uchicago.edu) if interested in participating.

Department Member Spotlight

Diversity and Inclusion Events

Dr. Peter Poullos – Diversity Grand Rounds Speaker

On December 16, 2021, Dr. Peter Poullos provided the Radiology Grand Round lecture: “Disability as Diversity in Medicine Creative Inclusion”.  Dr. Poullos is an Associate Professor of Radiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Stanford University and former Associate Residency Program Director for the Stanford University Radiology Residency. Dr. Poullos mentors the next generation of disabled physicians through his role as Faculty Advisor to the Medical Students with Disability and Chronic Illness (MSDCI) student group at Stanford Medicine and Nationally in his role as Co-Host of the #DocsWithDisabilities Podcast, a critically acclaimed podcast with over 30,000 listeners.

Dr. Jessica Telleria awarded BSD D&I Small Grant

Dr. Jessica Telleria, the Senior Trainee Liaison for the Department of Radiology’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, has been selected as a recipient of the 2021-2022 BSD Small Grants Program. The $2000 grant provided by the Biological Sciences Division Office of Diversity and Inclusion will fund the initiation of Dr. Telleria’s proposed “Women in Radiology” Grand Rounds Speaker Series. In this series, female speakers, especially those earlier in their career, will be provided an opportunity to discuss a topic of their choosing - to showcase their scholarly activity or other areas of interest relevant to the field of medicine. Additional details about the series can be found in the full proposal.

Radiology Grand Rounds

Dr. Kamalani Hanamaikai will provide a lecture: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: My Indirect Pathway: A Journey Which Led to My Life's Passion in Radiology for the Radiology Grand Rounds. The lecture will occur over Zoom on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 4:30 pm. Dr. Hanamaikai specializes in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Chandler Regional Medical and Mercy Gilbert Hospital. His lecture is open to all UChicago Medicine employees and will focus on setting and achieving true goals, as well as learning to judge other in a just and kind manner.