Mission, Vision, Values Statement

Our mission is to be at the forefront of radiological diagnosis, treatment, training, and research. The three key elements of our patient-focused efforts are to:

  • Develop and apply tools and knowledge to compassionately care for our patients, in a fair, just, and inclusive community
  • Advance the field of radiology through innovative research that translates into breakthrough diagnostic and treatment methods;
  • Train and educate radiologists, technologists, and staff to be effective partners with the rest of the care team, experts in the application of imaging sciences, and leaders in the field of radiology.

Our vision is to lead the world in radiology, defying the status quo, in a collaborative work environment that promotes team wellness and diversity. We provide compassionate, equitable care, deliver the most impactful training, and advance patient care and imaging sciences with ground-breaking research.

We apply these values to all our work and interactions:

  • We focus on our patients, first and foremost, and care for them with compassion, respect, and dignity.
  • We are an innovative, curious and diverse community, relentlessly pursuing novel insights and efficiencies and applying them as we embrace new technology and approaches.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the integrity, quality, accuracy and value of our work.
  • We collaborate openly, effectively, and inclusively, valuing transparent and proactive communication, ensuring that the whole team knows about actions, ideas and evolving priorities.
  • We value all our team members and their contributions, to build a welcoming, diverse and equitable work environment that supports wellness.
  • We are committed to continuous development, learning and improvement, disseminating knowledge to our own students and trainees and to the medical community.