Human Imaging Research Office

HIRO Overview and Services

The Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO) is part of the Imaging Research Institute (IRI) at the University of Chicago. Its goal is to act as the facilitator for investigators with research projects and clinical trials that require imaging-related services and data. The HIRO was created with three principal responsibilities: (1) coordinating the acquisition of imaging data for clinical trials in a manner consistent with trial protocol, (2) providing assessment and measurement of disease response for clinical trials in a consistent and coherent manner, and (3) managing and distributing clinical image data for research studies in an IRB- and HIPAA-compliant manner.

The HIRO's website contains a wide variety of materials and resources to assist University of Chicago investigators and research staff with medical imaging performed on human subjects for research purposes. This includes the acquisition, analysis, collection, anonymization and distribution of image data. We also provide access to and support for the University's Broker Systems, which allow investigators to obtain HIPAA- and IRB-compliant clinical research data. The site is meant to serve as a complete portal, or "one stop shop," for biomedical researchers to learn about the University's research policies and to provide access to the various resources that researchers can use to obtain compliant clinical data. The HIRO website can be found at


Faculty Involved

photo of Dr. Armato

Samuel Armato III, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology

HIRO Personnel

photo of Dr. Gruszauskas

Nick Gruszauskas, Ph.D.

Technical Director


Susan Fruth

Research Imaging Coordinator


Feng Li, M.D., Ph.D

Research Radiologist


Roger Engelmann, M.S.

Image Analysis Software Developer


Adam Starkey

Applications and Web Developer


John Papaioannou, M.S.

Applications and Web Developer

Rene Mariona

Rene Mariona

Image Distribution Specialist