Training Verification

Submit Residency training verifications to Mr. Mohammad Yassin in the Department of Radiology.  

Submit Fellowship training verifications to Ms. Veronika Salas in the Department of Radiology. 

Regarding physicians who completed training ten (10) or more years ago:

  1. We will not be able to provide information pertaining to the physician’s clinical and professional performance post-graduation.
  2. It may be impossible for us to comment on specifics regarding the privileges requested.
  3. Verification may be supplied in the form of a letter on our department letterhead, signed by our current Program Director (in lieu of forms submitted by your office).  The letter will include the following information:
    • Last name (at the time of training)
    • First name
    • Date of birth
    • Training program name
    • ACGME accredited program (yes/no)
    • Start date of training
    • End date of training
    • Training completed successfully (yes/no)
    • Sanctions or disciplinary actions taken during training (list/none)
    • Observations during the training period of physical and/or mental health or drug and/or alcohol dependencies, or other problems which could impair the physician’s ability.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mohammad Yassin
Phone: 773-702-3550 

Veronika Salas
Phone: 773-702-9662

Payment Form

There is a $75 charge for verification, for all trainees, that have graduated over 2 years.

Upon receipt of payment your residency and/or fellowship training verification request will be processed.

Important notes:

  • Processing will begin only after receipt of payment.
  • Verification will be supplied within one week of receipt of payment.

Please enter the first and last name of the individual paying for the verification. If this name is different from the name of the training verification you are requesting, please send an email to Mandy Velligan (

First Name: Last Name: