Dr. Mesha Martinez Presents D&I Grand Rounds

The UCM Department of Radiology D&I Grand Rounds speaker, Dr. Mesha Martinez, presented "It Is Still Happening: My Story," on December 14, 2023. Dr. Martinez, a highly accomplished, subspecialized pediatric neuro-interventional radiologist at Indiana University School of Medicine, is also the founder and Chair of Black Neurointerventionalists and their Allies (BNAA). Her prestigious path to become one of the few female neuroradiology-interventionalists of color, her resilience to obstacles, and her determination to change how patients and professionals of color are viewed and treated, is both painful and inspiring. Her optimistic and enlightening demeanor was evident in her presentation and didactic residents' lecture. Her enthusiasm was contagious as she met with our trainees, our neuroradiology, pediatric, interventional and neuroscientist faculty,  as well as our UCM D&I faculty, opening channels for future collaboration. Her delightful energy never waned throughout the duration of her visit. We hope her candor and story will inspire many to look inward and beyond at ongoing systemic racism, to try to take steps in bettering our community.