Radiology and Emergency Medicine authored manuscript on COVID-19 findings in Abdomen CT patients published in AJR

A manuscript, co-authored by University of Chicago's Radiology and Emergency Medicine residents and faculty, regarding Lung Base Findings of COVID-19 in Abdomen CT patients was published on April 17, 2020 by the American Journal of Roentgenology. In the article, the authors (Drs. Avielle SiegelPaul J. Chang, Zachary J. Jarou, David M. Paushter, Carla B. Harmath, J. Ben Arevalo, and Abraham Dachman), detail a series of patients that presented to the emergency department (ED) with abdominal pain, without the respiratory symptoms typical of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), where the abdominal radiologist was the first to suggest COVID-19 infection because of findings in the lung bases on CT of the abdomen. The article highlights the important role that Abdominal radiologists can play in alerting clinicians about the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients with abdominal pain but otherwise not suspected to have COVID-19.

The full AJR article, titled “Lung Base Findings of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on Abdominal CT in Patients With Predominant Gastrointestinal Symptoms”, can be accessed here, ahead of print.