Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology (abbreviated IR or sometimes VIR) is a field of medicine in which minimally invasive procedures are performed using image guidance (e.g., CT, fluoroscopy, ultrasound). Some of these procedures are done to diagnose illness while others are done for treatment purposes. Different imaging modalities available to interventional radiologists enable them to manipulate and guide tiny instruments throughout the body which in many instances avoids more invasive open surgery.

Vascular and Interventional Radiology is one of the most rapidly expanding areas in medicine and has led the current movement toward minimally invasive therapy. Our patient population ranges from infancy to the elderly and includes procedures spanning the full range of the field. We perform both vascular and non-vascular interventions such as angioplasty, stenting, atherectomy, cryoplasty, thrombolysis, and embolization as well as biliary, renal, enteric, pulmonary, and transplant related interventions. We have a robust interventional oncology practice as well, which includes chemoembolization and radioembolization.

We function both as an admitting service and in a consulting role. A subset of our patients is seen longitudinally in our clinic. Our section also interprets the non-invasive vascular studies such as MRA and 256-slice CTA. These are performed with state-of-the-art equipment which rates the best in the region. By utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and continuing to perform procedures which are at the leading edge of the field, we continue to maintain and demand the highest quality in patient care.

The Section features seven state-of-the-art Philips interventional radiology suites, eleven procedural nurses, and 11 technologists. Our patients are seen in a 11 bed pre-procedural and 32 bed post-procedural area staffed by over 30 full-time nurses. We also have four dedicated ultrasound machines for VIR and an EVLT laser for varicose vein ablation.

The section continues to build upon its rich tradition of clinical and animal research. We are actively involved with a number of clinical trials. Current research projects include protection devices for radiofrequency ablation, retrievable inferior vena caval filter studies, combined therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma, dialysis interventions, and high-intensity focused ultrasound for uterine fibroids.

Please visit our hospital website, UCM Vascular & Interventional Radiology, to learn more about the services we offer and conditions we treat.


Brian Funaki, MD, FSIR, FAHA, FCIRSE
Professor of Radiology
Section Chief, Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Jeffrey Leef, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology

Jonathan Lorenz, MD, FSIR
Professor of Radiology

Thuong Van Ha, MD, FSIR
Professor of Radiology
Director, Clinical & Research Interventional Radiology

Steven M. Zangan, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology
Associate Director, Interventional Radiology Residency
Vice Chair, Business Development. Department of Radiology

Rakesh Navuluri, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology
Program Director, Interventional Radiology Fellowship

Osmanuddin Ahmed, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiology