Seed Funding Grant Winners Announced

The Department wants to thank everyone who provided proposals for this years Seed Funding Grants. This years’ awardees are:

PI - Dr. Satish Chitneni and Co-Investigators Dr. Daniel Appelbaum, Dr. Nicholas Feinberg, Dr. Richard Freifelder, and Dr. Siriki Atchimnaidu for their proposal ‘Development of radiolebeled monoclonal antibody for Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease’

PI – Hannah Zhang and Co-investigators Dr. Chin-tu Chen, Dr. Daniel Appelbaum, Dr. Willard Sharp (DOM), and Dr. Alfredo Garcia (DOM) for their proposal ‘Noninvasive Imaging of Brain Hypoxia and Oxygen by Positron Emission Tomography in Cardiac Arrest Model’

PI – Dr. Abel Lorente Campos for the Hodges Society Award with Co-investigators Dr. Aritrick Chatterjee, Dr. Aytekin Oto, and Dr. Gregory Karczmar for their proposal “Enhancing Prostate Cancer Detection: Optimizing NERC MRI Imaging through Advanced Techniques and HM-MRI Analysis’

We look forward to the collaborative research and initiative ideas that are brought forth from the Department Faculty, staff, and trainees.