Kimberly Lenner and Jami Busse present at 2019 Patient Experience Conference

Kimberly Lenner, Radiology Executive Director, Jami Busse, Radiology Technologist, and Sue Murphy, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at UChicago Medicine, presented at the 2019 Patient Experience Conference. Sponsored by the Beryl Institute, the conference was held in Dallas, Texas from Apr 3-5, 2019.  The presentation, entitled “The Art and Science of Engaging Team Members –A Best Practice Program which Supports Care-Givers and All”  was given on April 4, 2019. Their presentation detailed best practices in designing and implementing a strengths-based engagement program that energizes the patient and family, clinician and organizational leadership. 

The Patient Experience Conference is the largest independent, non-provider or vendor hosted event bringing together the collective voices of healthcare professionals across the globe to convene, engage and expand the dialogue on improving patient experience.