Dr. Montner hosts Interstitial Lung Disease Symposium at UC Hong Kong Campus

Dr. Steven Montner, recently promoted to Vice Chair for Radiology Operations, hosted a symposium titled Interstitial Lung Disease: Diagnosis and Management in mid-April at the University of Chicago Hong Kong Campus.  The newly opened campus is built on the historically important site at Mount Davis on Hong Kong Island, and is nestled into the historic fort and hills above Kowloon Bay. Dr. Steven Montner was joined by Dr. Mary Strek (pulmonology) and Dr. Aliya Husain (pathology).  They also worked closely with Dr. Mary Ip from Hong Kong University to bring a local perspective to a widespread chronic disease. 

At the symposium, they showcased their team approach, as well as guided participants in the diagnosis of the most common types of ILD.  Sessions covered clinical presentation, chest imaging findings and pathology results. Treatment options were discussed including the use of relatively new anti-fibrotic agents for IPF, previously only treatable by lung transplantation.  Following this, Drs. Montner and Strek delivered teaching sessions to faculty, residents and medical students at Hong Kong University’s Queen Mary Hospital.  The symposium was very well attended, with nearly 90 participants filling the lecture hall.