Chicagoland Radiology Expo developed by Drs. Yang, Lu and Kulkarni focus of ACR Case Study: “Introducing Medical Students to Radiology"

The Chicagoland Radiology Expo developed by University of Chicago Radiology faculty, is the focus of the American College of Radiology’s Medical Student Education Case Study entitled “Introducing Medical Students to Radiology”. Published on August 18. 2021, the case study details Dr. Carina Yang’s, Dr. Zheng Feng Lu’s, and Dr. Kirti Kulkarni’s development of a free Radiology Expo to increase the specialty’s pipeline for women and underrepresented minorities. The case study features current Radiology residents, who attended the expo as medical students, that indicate that the event not only gave them an increased understanding of the field of radiology, but influenced their decision to pursue radiology as a career.

During its 5th year, the 2020 Chicagoland Radiology Expo transitioned to a virtual platform, reaching students across the U.S. and around the world. In 2021, the University of Chicago’s Chicagoland Radiology Expo Planning Committee plans to again host the event virtually to maintain COVID-19-safe practices and to reach as many students as possible. As it continues to plan for the future, the planning committee remains grounded in its commitment to diversity and medical student education — two areas critical to the specialty’s future.

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