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Dr. Patrick La Riviere's 'Emerging Imaging Technologies in Medicine' is Published

This volume, editted by Dr. La Riviere, “surveys a number of emerging technologies that have the promise to find routine clinical use in the near- (less than five years), mid- (five to ten years) and long-term (more than ten years) time frames.”

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Paper "Enhancement of breast CADx with unlabeled data" selected for Publication

The paper "Enhancement of breast CADx with unlabeled data" by Andrew R. Jamieson (left), Maryellen L. Giger (right), Karen Drukker, and Lorenzo L. Pesce Medical Physics 37, 4155-4172 (2010) was selected for the August 1, 2010 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.

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Recent Publications from the Maryellen L. Giger Lab

Gruszauskas NP, Drukker K, Giger ML, Chang R-F, Sennett CA, Moon WK, Pesce LL. Breast US computer-aided diagnosis system: Robustness across urban populations in South Korea and the United States. Radiology 253: 661- 671, 2009.

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Presentation for Virtual dual-energy DR received an article on

Dr. Suzuki and Dr. MacMahon's presentation for Virtual dual-energy DR improves lung lesion detection at RSNA 2009 was covered in an article on Dual-energy imaging is a promising technique for improving the performance of digital radiography (DR) in finding lung lesions by removing bony obstructions, but it requires specialized hardware.

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Presentation for colon CAD at RSNA received an article on

Dr. Suzuki's presentation for colon CAD in collaboration with Dr. Dachman at RSNA 2009 was covered in an article entitled "Feature: CAD makes headway into CTC with reduced false positives" on This presentation also received a certificate of merit award.

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Newly published paper in the February Edition of AJR

The paper entitled "MR-directed ("Second-look") ultrasound examination for breast lesions detected initially on MRI: MR and sonographic findings" by Hiroyuki Abe, Robert A. Schmidt, Rajshri N. Shah, Akiko Shimauchi, Kirti Kulkarni, Charlene A. Sennett and Gillian M. Newstead is now published on February edition of AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology - (AJR 2010; 194: 370-377)

Breast Sections 2009 Publications; Several are in Press

Abe H, Schmidt RA, Kulkarni K, Sennett CA, Mueller JS, Newstead GM, "Axillary lymph nodes suspicious for breast cancer metastasis: sampling with US-guided 14-gauge core-needle biopsy--clinical experience in 100 patients". Radiology. 2009 Jan; 250(1): 41-9

Medved M, Newstead GM, Abe H, Olopade OI, Shimauchi A, Zamora MA, Karczmar GS. "Clinical implementation of a multislice high spectral and spatial resolution-based MRI sequence to achieve unilateral full-breast coverage" Magn Reson Imaging. 2009 Jul 21.

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UCMC Employee ‘Forever Grateful’ For Aneurysm Care

This February, Joan Tomczak, operations manager for Plastic Surgery, began seeing double. Diagnosed with a stroke, she underwent a series of PET, MRI and CAT scans, which revealed an 8 mm aneurysm in her brain. “I thought I was going to have to have my head cut open,” she said.

Article and photo taken from the May 2009 issue of UCMC "At the Forefront"

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2009 Journal Paper Publications from the Kenji Suzuki Laboratory

Suzuki K., Rockey D. C., and Dachman A. H.: CT colonography: Computer-aided detection of false-negative polyps in a multicenter clinical trial. Medical Physics 30: 12-21, 2010.

Lostumbo A., Wanamaker C., Tsai J., Suzuki K., and Dachman A. H.: Comparison of 2D and 3D views for evaluation of flat lesions in CT colonography. Academic Radiology 17:39-47, 2010.

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