Greg Karczmar - Lab


  • Gregory Karczmar, PhD > Professor of Radiology and the Committee on Medical Physics
  • Xiaobing Fan, PhD > Research Associate (Professor)
  • Devkumar Mustafi, PhD > Research Associate (Associate Professor)
  • Chadentree Haney, PhD > Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
  • Milica Medved, PhD, DABMP > Research Associate (Associate Professor)
  • Maria Tretiakova, PhD > Research Associate (Assistant Professor)
  • Marta Zamora > Research Manager
  • Erica Markewicz > Research Specialist
  • Elizabeth Hipp > Medical Physics Graduate Student
  • Federico Pineda > Medical Physics Graduate Student
  • William Weiss > Medical Physics Graduate Student
  • Walter Liszewski > Summer Student
  • Elizabeth Peng > Summer Student

Prior Graduate Students who performed their dissertation research in the Karczmar Lab

  • Sean Foxley (Ph.D. in Medical Physics, 2008), Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
  • Sanaz Jansen (Ph.D. in Medical Physics, 2008), Postdoctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute
  • Abbie Wood (Ph.D. in Medical Physics, 2011), Radiation Therapy Resident, MD Anderson Cancer Center