Chin-Tu Chen - Publications


Selected Publications (Dr. Chen is an author or co-author of more than 200 papers).

1. Aarsvold, J.N., Mintzer, R.A., Yasillo, N.J., Heimsath, S.J., Beck, R.N., Chen, C.-T., Cooper, M., Block, T.A., Matthews, K.L., Pan, X., and Wu, C.: A miniature gamma camera. Annals NY Acad Sci 720:181-192, 1994.

2. Mukherjee, J., Yang, Z.-Y., Brown, T., Jiang, M., Kapp, O., Chen, C.-T., and Cooper, M.: Potential anomalies of dopamine D-2 receptor: Challenges for non-invasive imaging studies of positron emission tomography. Med Chem Res 5:174-192, 1994.

3. Chen, C.-T., Aarsvold, J.N., Block, T.A., Matthews, K.L., Mintzer, R.A., Mukherjee J., Yasillo, N.J., River, L.P., Cooper, M., and Lee, R.C.: Radionuclide probes for tissue damage. Annals NY Acad Sci 720:192-206, 1994.

4. Ouyang, X., Wong, W.H., Johnson, V.E., Hu, X., and Chen, C.-T.: Incorporation of correlated structural images in PET image reconstruction. IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging 13:627-640, 1994.

5. Brown, T.F., Yasillo, N.J., Chou, J., Metz, J.T., Chen, C.-T., and Cooper, M.D.: Measuring metabolic function with PET: Technical considerations. J Nucl Med Tech 23:176-180, 1995.

6. Yap, J.T., Cooper, M., Chen, C. -T., Cunningham, V.J.: Generation of parametric images using factor analysis of dynamic PET. In: Quantification of brain functions using PET. pp. 292-96, 1996.

7. Yap, J.T., Kao, C. M., Cooper, M., Chen, C. -T., Wernick M.: Sinogram recovery of dynamic PET using principal component analysis and projection onto convex sets. Quantification of brain function using PET. pp.109-12, 1996.

8. Pan, X., Metz, C.E., and Chen, C.-T.: A class of analytical methods that compensate for attenuation and spatially-variant resolution in 2D SPECT. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci NS-43:2244-2254, 1996.

9. Armato, S.G., Giger, M.L., MacMahon, H., Chen, C.-T. and Vyborny, C.J.: Automated registration of ventilation-perfusion images with digital chest radiographs. Acad Rad 4:183-192, 1997.

10. Kao, C.-M., Pan, X., and Chen, C.-T.: Image restoration and reconstruction with a Bayesian approach. Med Phys 25:600-613, 1998.

11. Xu, B., Pan, X., and Chen, C.-T.: An analytical relationship between blurred and ideal sinograms and its implication in 2-D SPECT. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, NS-45:2245-2252, 1998.

12. Kao, C.-M., Wernick, M.N., and Chen, C.-T.: Kalman Sinogram restoration for fast and accurate PET image reconstruction. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, NS-45:3022-3029, 1998.

13. Kao, C.-M., Pan, X., Chen, C.-T., and Hiller, E.: A Bayesian approach for edge detection in medical ultrasound images. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, NS-45:3089-3098, 1998.

14. Yap, J. T., Cunningham, V, Jones, T, Cooper, M, Chen, C.-T., Price, P.: Classification of dynamic PET images using a priori kinetic factors. In: Quantitative functional brain imaging with PET. pp.107-15, 1998.

15. Thomas, S.R., Stabin, M.G., Chen, C.-T., and Samaratunga, R.C.: MIRD Pamphlet No.14 Revised: A dynamic urinary bladder model for radiation dose calculation. J Nucl Med 40:102S-123S, 1999.

16. Mukherjee, J., Yang, Z.-Y., Brown, T., Wernick, M., Yasillo, N.J., Ouyang, X., Chen, C.-T., Mintzer, R., and Copper, M.: Preliminary assessment of extrastriatal dopamine D-2 receptor binding in the rodent and non-human primate brains using the high affinity radioligand [F-18] fallypride. Nucl. Med. Biol., 25(5):519-527, 1999.

17. Lee, R.C., Hannig, J., Matthews, K.L., Myerov, A., and Chen, C.-T.: Pharmaceutical Therapies for Sealing of Permeabilized Cell Membranes in Electrical Injuries. Annals NY Acad Sci 888: 266-273, 1999.

18. Matthews, K.L., Aarsvold, J.N., Mintzer, R.A., Chen, C.-T., Capelli-Schellpfeffer, M., Cooper, M., and Lee, R.C.: Radiotracers for Imaging Electroporation. Annals NY Acad Sci 888: 266-273, 1999.

19. Armato, S.G., Giger, M.L., Chen, C.-T., Vyborny, C.J., Ryan, J., and MacMahon, H.:Automated registration of frontal and lateral radionuclide lung scans with digital chest radiographs, Acad Radiol 7:530-539, 2000.

20. Kao, C.-M., Pan, X., and Chen, C.-T.: Accurate image reconstruction using DOI information and its implications for the development of compact PET systems.IEEE Trans Nucl Sci NS-47:1551-1560, 2000.

21. Kao C.-M. and Chen,C.-T.: Performance evaluation of 2D compact PET systems – with applications to system design optimization,” Conference Record of the 2001 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, pp. 1231-1235, 2001.

22. Kao, C.-M. and Chen, C.-T.: A direct sinogram-restoration method for fast image reconstruction in compact DOI-PET systems. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci NS-49:208-241, 2002.

23. Chen, C.-T.: Radiologic image registration: Old skills and new tools. (invited Editorial) Acad Radiol 10:239-241, 2003.

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25. Kao, C.-M. and Chen, C.-T.: Development and evaluation of a dual-head PET system for high- throughput small-animal imaging. Conference Record of the 2003 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical .Imaging Conference, M6-29, Vol. 3, pp. 2072-2076, 2004

26. Kao, C.-M., Pan, X., and Chen, C.-T.: An exact Fourier rebinning algorithm for 3D PET imaging using panel detectors, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 52, 2407-2423, 2004.

27. Xie, Q., Kao, C.-M., Hsiau, Z., and Chen, C.-T.: A new approach for pulse processing in positron emission tomography, IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science, NS-52:988-995, 2005.

28. Matthews, K.L., Aarsvold, J.N., Mintzer, Chen, C.-T., Cooper, M., and Lee, C.L.: Tc-99m pyrophosphate imaging of poloxamer-treated electroporated skeletal muscle in an in vivo rat model, Burns, 32(6):755-764, 2006.

29. Kao, C.-M., Souris, J.S., Cho, S., O’Brien-Penney, B.C., and Chen, C.-T.: Initial performance evaluation of a modular, large-area detector PET scanner for small animal imaging, Conference Record of the 2005 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, pp. 2081-2084, 2006.

30. Lee, J.-D., Huang, C.-H., Weng, Y.-H., Lin, K.-J., Chen, C.-T.: An automatic MRI/SPECT registration algorithm using image intensity and anatomical feature as matching characters: application on the evaluation of Parkinson’s disease. Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 34:447-457, 2007.

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