Administrative Contacts

For radiology scheduling, please call 773-795-9723.
For radiology film library, please call 773-702-1788.


Chairman, David Paushter
Executive Director, Kimberly Lenner, 773-702-5309
   Executive Assistant, Paula Martinez, 773-834-0521

Vice Chairman, Clinical Operations, Greg Katzman, 773-702-5927
Director, Radiology, Monica Geyer, 773-834-3953
Director, Academic Affairs and HR, Anne Colgan, 773-702-5906
Director, Finance, Ashley Swidnicki, 773-702-6520
Assistant Director, Specialty Imaging, Paul Mosebach, 773-834-4721
Assistant Director, Radiology Informatics, Jim Fitch, 773-702-8036


Manager, Billing, Judi Schauer, 773-702-2027
Manager, CT, Anjanette Jones, 773-702-5724
Manager, Adult General Procedures, Jennifer Spano-Rzepecki, 773-702-8105
Manager, Pediatric General Procedures, Tina Baxter, 773-834-5803
Manager, Mammography, Tina Baxter, 773-834-5803
Manager, MRI, Lara Porterfield, 773-834-2866
Manager, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Alan Balinao, 773-834-2297
Manager, Patient Access and Film, Rosalie Hughes, 773-702-3151
Manager, Ultrasound, Pennie Stivan, 773-834-3443
Manager, Vascular/Interventional, Stefanie Manack, 773-834-5803


Grant and Contract Administrator, Gloria Frazier, 773-702-6728
Grant and Contract Administrator, Joann Summers, 773-702-6272
Financial Administrator, Greg Benham, 773-834-8719


Radiology Residency Program

Director, Seng Ong, MD
Associate Director, Steven M. Zangan, MD
Assistant Director, David Schacht, MD
Graduate Medical Education Administrator, Jaclyn McMillin, 773-702-3550

Radiology Fellowship Program

Abdominal Imaging Director, Abraham Dachman, MD
Breast Imaging Director, Kirti Kulkarni, MD
Interventional Radiology Director, Rakesh Navuluri, MD
Musculoskeletal Director, Larry B. Dixon, MD
Neuroradiology Director, Carina Yang, MD
Fellowship Program Coordinator, Laura Pawlak, 773-834-9980

Medical Student Education

Director, Christopher Straus, MD
Medical Student Coordinator, Laura Pawlak, 773-834-9980


Graduate Program in Medical Physics

Director, Samuel Armato III, PhD, 773-834-3044
Graduate Program in Medical Physics Administrator, Ruth Magana, 773-834-7769


Human Imaging Research Office

Faculty Director, Samuel Armato III, PhD
Technical Director, Nick Gruszauskas, Ph.D., 773-702-9172
Data Manager, Michael D. Torno, D.Sc., 773-702-9172
Image Distribution Specialist, Jonathan Marino, 773-702-9172
Research Imaging Coordinator, Susan Furth, 773-702-9172