Radiology Represented at University of Chicago Medicine Quality Fair

We are proud to announce that the Department of Radiology was well represented at the May 2017 University of Chicago Quality Fair. 

Congratulations to Olufunmilola Oladini, Nicholas Lyon, Kateland Haas, Kimberly Hurley, and Dr. Brian Funaki on having "Exploring Minimal Sedation for Select Interventional Procedures" selected as one of the top 10 Posters of Distinction for this year's symposium.

Session 1: Innovations in Efficiency

  • Improving Quality of Clinical Information on Radiology Requisitions Aids Interpretation and Increases Billing Efficiency

Session 2: Innovations in Patient-Centeredness

  • Neuroradiology MRI Patient Information Leaflet

Session 4: Innovations in Safety

  • Transitioning to Thickness-Based Protocols in Portable Pediatric Abdomen Radiography
  • High-Fidelity Adverse Contrast Reaction Simulation for First Year Radiology Onboarding

Session 5: Innovations in Timeliness

  • Exploring Minimal Sedation for Select Interventional Procedures

Session 6: Innovations in Effectiveness

  • Hounsfield Units in Lung Nodules Vary with Reconstruction Parameters