The Optical Society Honors Dr Giger's Career as a Part of Women in Science Activities

The Optical Society has honored Dr. Maryellen Giger as a part of their campaign commemorating the International Women & Girls in Science Day.

"Professor Maryellen L. Giger of the University of Chicago has been a pioneer in the development of quantitative radiomics and has made sustained, world-class contributions in the fields of medicine, quantitative imaging, and photonics. Professor Giger's recent work emerges from decades of her innovative research in computational image analysis applied in the clinical setting. Professor Giger is bringing the power of computer "vision" to extract subtle morphological and functional signatures, based on quantitative imaging tools, which objectively and efficiently characterize features such as size/volumetrics, morphology, texture or kinetic characteristics. For example, her computerized quantitative image analyses of multi-parametric breast cancer MRI data allow for rapid high-throughput image-based phenotyping of 2D, 3D, or 4D (3D plus time) image data. We salute her research efforts, her mentorship, and her persistence in demonstrating how radiomics phenotypes in clinical medicine can predict disease states and how this information can substantially improve the future of patient management."

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