New Cyclotron Jump Starts Imaging Research

"After nearly two decades, the University of Chicago has welcomed the return of a cyclotron research facility, which will be open for use in January 2017. When the new facility opens, the University of Chicago will be the only academic medical institution in Illinois with an operational cyclotron.


Nestled in the sub-basement of the Bernard Mitchell Hospital, the 18 MeV IBA Cyclone cyclotron will allow UChicago researchers to manufacture radioactive isotopes, which can be used to diagnose disease, predict outcomes, and assess the effects of drugs. With the ability to more easily incorporate chemistry into imaging, the university will revive its radiochemistry program and expand its multidisciplinary molecular imaging program.

Chin-Tu Chen, PhD, associate professor of radiology, was a member of the original radiochemistry research team that worked with UChicago’s first cyclotron, which was installed in 1968 and decommissioned in 1997. 'I spent a good part of my academic life trying to resurrect this facility,' he said. 'Now that we have the new cyclotron, we can really fuel the engine to empower our molecular imaging research.'"

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