Dr Baron to Speak on Artificial Intelligence at RSNA

Dr. Richard Baron will speak to the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in the radiology practice at an educational session at RSNA.  Health Data Management has reported on the context surrounding the session the Dr. Baron and others will lead.

"Now, that fear and disruption may come back to some degree with the emergence of learning machines, such as the Watson supercomputer, and Dreyer, along with Richard Baron, M.D., a radiologist and professor of radiology at the University of Chicago Medical Center, will seek to calm nerves during an educational session at RSNA 2016.

Artificial intelligence will be disruptive, that’s not a negative just the reality, they will tell colleagues. But much will be beneficial disruption. Just like a pilot should not be flying a plane alone without a certain amount of experience, artificial intelligence may not be appropriate for newer radiologists until they get more experience. But artificial intelligence and the automation it brings to those best able to use it will bring benefits to clinicians and their patients, Dreyer contends. 'You want to make sure you have a seasoned pilot on a flight.'"

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