Dr Abe Recognized as Top Reviewer for American Journal of Roentgenology

Congratulations to Dr. Hiroyuki Abe on being recognized as a top review for the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Editor-in-Chief, Thomas H. Berquist, thanked Dr. Abe for his service,

"Each year we evaluate our reviewers for performance and responsiveness to our requests for their assistance. The most active and effective reviewers are listed on the masthead page of the print journal each year. Their dedication and continued engagement is critical to further the mission and vision of the journal.

This year, Dr. Hiroyuki Abe has been selected as a top reviewer and will be listed on the masthead page of our journal each month for a year. We understand the importance of our volunteer reviewers and the many tasks they are responsible for in practice, education, and research. "