Congratulations to our 2018 Resident Scientific Poster Session winners, Drs. Andrea Magee, Christopher Doyle and Cindy Yuan

Winners of the 2018  Chicago Radiological Society Resident Poster Session were announced at the meeting on January 18.  In the Quality and Safety category with the winning poster: Image Wisely:  An Introduction to ACR Appropriateness Criteria and Analysis of Its Effect on Internal Medicine Residents:  Andrea L. Magee, Mike K Cheng, Joyce Tang and Carina Yang.

In the IR category:  Real-world Clinical Outcomes of Ruptured Intracranial Arterial Aneurysms Treatment: Cindy Yuan, Theodore Karrison, Seon-Lyu Lee.

In the Cardiac and Chest category:  Barking Up the Right Tree - The "Tree Bark Sign"; a CT appearence of histoplasmosis: S. Ryan Erickson, Christopher Doyle, Danial Jilani, Carlos Rojas, Jonathan Chung.