Yulei Jiang

Associate Professor of Radiology
Committee on Medical Physics

5841 South Maryland Avenue, MC2026
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Phone: 773.834.3467
Fax: 773.702.0371

Dr. Jiang's main research interest is in the development of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) methods for breast cancer diagnosis. We develop methods for differentiating breast lesions depicted in mammograms as malignant or benign and develop methods for helping radiologists improve diagnostic decision-making with the aid of the computer image analysis. We perform observer studies to investigate the effects of CAD. We develop receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis methods for the evaluation of diagnostic performance. We model the diagnostic process of screening mammography to understand complex issues involved, such as inter-reader variability, in improving the clinical diagnostic outcome. In addition to breast imaging in radiology, we also develop similar technology for computer analysis of histopathology images of prostate cancer, with the goal of helping pathologists interpret histology images more accurately and efficiently.